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Online Confirmation Retreat

Online Confirmation Retreat


Catholic Truth is excited to announce our new online Confirmation retreat! This is a full, complete full Confirmation retreat experience for your teens.

Due to the current pandemic, retreats and programs have been cancelled and have been forced to move online. That does not mean Confirmation students should that have an experience of faith. That is why Catholic Truth has developed the very best online Confirmation retreat available.

Our retreat will teach your teens everything they need to know to help them prepare for Confirmation. It consists of an introduction and an icebreaker, three engaging talks, and a powerful prayer service.

Each talk is dynamic, practical, and relevant to teens today, their struggles, and their questions. Each talk comes with questions to help teens reflect on the message. (See talk titles at the bottom).

It is very important that we continue to minister to our youth and help them to have an experience of faith. It is perhaps even more important in these difficult times!

Because this is an actual retreat, the experience from beginning to end would takes 3 hours which may be broken up throughout a day or even a weekend.

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Booking An Online Confirmation Retreat

If you desire a real Confirmation retreat for your students, this is the best replacement for an in-person retreat. Contact Catholic Truth today. Our booking manager Catherine will be happy to answer any questions you have.

**Even after this pandemic ends, this online retreat may be utilized for churches who had to cancel a retreat for whatever reason, or for teens who missed your parish retreat. This is a great alternative.

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