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Apologetics Training

Apologetics is derived from the Greek root word apologia, “a speech in defense of.” Many good Catholics find it difficult to speak about their faith and explain it to friends, family, coworkers, and those who attack their beliefs. Sometimes just teaching our children or religious education classes can prove challenging.

That is why Catholic Truth has developed one of the best seminar series available. It will not only increase your knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, but it will ignite a fire in souls and create a lasting enthusiasm. These seminars will inspire, catechize, equip, and will teach practical and professional grade Catholic apologetics that works.

We come and present a live 2-5 seminar series on various topics. These seminars will absolutely equip Catholics to explain and defend their faith more efficiently and with greater proficiency. Bryan Mercier has over 20 years of field experience discussing the faith and explaining it to people of all different backgrounds, religions, and levels of faith. These are top-notch, inspirational apologetics training seminars for your parish, church group, RCIA program, and more. Connect with us to see how we can serve you.

SEMINAR #1: How to Share Your Faith and How NOT To!

Knowing how to share your faith is of critical importance. People warn us not to discuss politics or religion because it always leads to arguing. But it does not have to. Sharing the faith can be accomplished in a charitable and effective manner while making a positive impact. This introductory seminar, which draws from 20+ years of experience in religious dialogue, provides all the essential tips on defending the Catholic faith, the Dos and Donts of how to discuss and how not to. When done properly, evangelization brings friends and family to (or back to) God and the Catholic faith.

SEMINAR #2: Science, Religion, and the Existence of God

Atheism, skepticism, and religious indifference are rising to epidemic proportions, especially among our young people. Whole families have lost faith and do not attend church. These realities have inspired this important seminar which deals with deep questions of faith in a logical and rational manner. Some topics include: proof for God, Jesus, the truth of the Bible, science and religion, the problem of suffering, and other common objections against God and religion. People today have many doubts and questions and have fallen away from God. We need to know how to respond to bring them back.

SEMINAR #3 & #4: Answering Common Objections

These seminars examine anti-Catholic arguments and their many objections. They begin by looking at the history of anti-Catholicism. Then, we take a deep dive into the attacks against the Catholic Church and Catholic teaching. We provide the answers and responses Catholics need utilizing the Bible, history, and tradition. Some of the many common objections dealt with in these seminars are: Mary and the Saints, the pope, purgatory, the Eucharist and confession, being born again, statues, Catholic devotions, faith alone, the Bible alone, and more.

SEMINAR #5: Difficult Moral Issues

Moral issues are often the most challenging and delicate issues to address. These difficult topics are often not handled effectively. People often vacillate between irritable, angry, and overbearing to compromise or knowing how to respond. This seminar will teach Catholics to competently present the moral issues in a clear, compassionate, and logical way. Answering questions and dealing with heated objections is an art that can be cultivated. We offer the sound, logical reasons for our beliefs and show how to present them in the most effective way possible.

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“Your talk was awesome. You brought down the house! Your talk was even better than I thought it would be. Everyone loved it. I have already heard such positive feedback from the people who were touched by it. We most certainly will have you back again.”  Participant, New Haven, CT

““These apologetics seminars were just what I needed to learn and explain my faith. Honestly, they were amazing. It was like being at a seminar with Scott Hahn. The wealth of information you delivered was incredible, and the way you seamlessly weaved it all together; it just all made so much sense. I feel excited and inspired in my faith and feel I can share it more with others.” Participant, New Haven, CT