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    CD: God Exists!

    Proof and Evidence for the Existence of God. This talk will build your faith and answer your deep questions about God, science, evidence and more.
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    It is difficult to live as a Catholic today. There are challenges we face on all sides and even in our own personal lives. This is a practical talk on how to be Catholic and really live your faith. There are not only practical stories but practical ways to live out the faith as well. If you are just starting out in the faith or are trying to grow your faith life, this is the talk for you to inspire and guide you.
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    Can Catholics do Yoga? What about just doing the exercises? This talk answers both of these questions with the most up-to-date information available offering a full presentation on the practice of Yoga and the real history of the exercises.  
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    This talk discusses the problems with the occult: astrology, horoscopes, Tarot cards, mediums, psychics, seances, and more.
  • Answering Abortion and Transgender Arguments: These talks will equip you with everything you need to know to discuss and answer abortion and transgender arguments with charity. ABORTION - The first talk discusses the top 15 pro-abortion arguments that you will hear and how to respond. "Pro-choice" arguments don't hold up. TRANSGENDER - This recorded talk will discuss the very popular issue of today which is the transgender movement. You will hear common arguments and objections and also will learn the Catholic response.  
  • How the Church overcame persecution and death to change the world This is the inspirational story of our Church – the Catholic Church. This is the story of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who went before us. It’s the story of how they survived persecution, slavery, torture, and death and went on to convert the Roman Empire and the whole world for Christ. This is one of the most inspirational stories in the world and in the history of the church. Many Catholics mistakenly believe that this is the first crisis the Church has ever faced. Far from it. We have faced many worse ones and survived. Jesus promised to always be with His Church. This is our story!
  • Many People Desire Love. Few Ever Find It. In this talk, you will learn exactly what it takes to find love, to keep it, and to have a happy and healthy relationship for life. You will also discover common obstacles and issues that will derail and even kill your relationships, preventing you from finding the love you are seeking. Many desire love, but few ever find it because they do not know what it takes to find it or make it work or to keep it for happily-ever-after. Now you can!
  • The Story of Salvation and God’s Love This talk presents the inexplicable and incredible love story that unfolds between God and mankind through the person of Jesus Christ. It starts with sin and ends with salvation. This talk will help Catholics to fall more in love with Jesus and develop a deeper desire to know Him and serve Him.  This talk also challenges us in practical ways to live for Christ in our everyday life and how to be a true disciples of Christ.
  • Find Self Esteem and Self-Confidence Today! Many people struggle with self-worth and insecurity. We may have a poor body image or dislike the way we look. Our worth can often be based upon our job, social or living status, how we look, the car we drive, and many other things. We often care a lot about what other people think of us and the way they perceive us and judge us. This inspirational talk will absolutely help to increase your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence. It will help you to see what is truly important in life and also to find more peace and freedom.
  • Unraveling The Historical Myths We got into a discussion with some Mormons who attacked the Catholic Church for the Crusades and other supposed black marks on the Church’s record. They fell silent when we asked them what year the Crusades happened, what the name of the pope was, and other historical questions. Like so many, the Mormons quickly realized that they had hated something they did not understand. Many people have heard myths and legends about the Crusades that are not true. This talk separates fact from fiction and unveils the real truth of what happened.
  • Can Catholics do Reiki? What does the Catholic Church teach? This talk gives a full understanding and review of the practice of Reiki showing the problematic aspects and the many dangers associated with this practice. It gives a clear understanding as to why Catholics cannot practice or participate in Reiki.
  • This talks divulges the truth about Centering Prayer. What is the difference between true centering prayer and false, New Age Centering Prayer. Unfortunately, most Centering practices in parishes and retreat houses are the New Age version. This is everything you need to know about the problems with Centering Prayer.
  • This CD offers proof and evidence for God. It is a true conversation with an atheist/agnostic about the divine. In this talk, you get to hear both sides, the questions skeptics have, and how to answer them. Look out for more conversations. These are solid, logical, and practical answers for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and for those who are searching and have questions.
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    In this talk you will learn the apologetics reasons for believing in the Eucharist along with the life-changing power of the blessed Sacrament! You will also learn how to let the Eucharist work more powerfully in your own life along.
  • Amazing and Inspirational Saint Stories (Vol. 1)
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    Receive answers to your deep questions of faith.
  • The ultimate spiritual discernment guide for Catholics. Your questions answered on Reiki, Yoga, Centering Prayer, Mindfulness, astrology, and much more.
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    This will teach you the apologetics reasons for believing in the Eucharist, biblical, historical, and miraculous. You will also learn the love and life-changing power of this blessed Sacrament along with how to be far more disposed to its graces in your own life!
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  • Only One Truth (T-Shirt)

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  • This 12-part series is the ultimate spiritual resource for Catholics. In it you will learn everything you need to make great progress in the spiritual life and to find joy, peace, and fulfillment. Some topics that are covered in this series are:
    • How to make prayer work in your life
    • How to connect with God on a deeper level
    • How to listen and hear God speak
    • How to grow and overcome obstacles in the spiritual life
    • And much more
    This series will transform your life like never before! It is the ultimate guide on how to pray, grow in holiness, and have your prayers answered.
  • 3-Night Motivational Parish Mission This 3-night motivational Parish Mission, will inspire you in your Catholic faith despite the problems going on around us in the Church. The first talk is “Why Be Catholic?” and talks about why we should know, love, and live our Catholic faith with purpose and passion. Why be Catholic when we could be any other religion? Why Catholic with all of the priest scandals and issues in the Church? Why be Catholic when the Church is struggling to feed her people spiritually? This talk reveals the reasons to be Catholic and why the Catholic Church is the answer to the world’s problems. The second talk is on how to pray and how to come closer to God. Many people struggle to pray, connect with God, listen, and overcome distractions. This talk offers practical tips to help you grow in the spiritual life no matter where you are in life. The final talk of this series is “How to Live Holy in an Unholy World.” It talks about true discipleship and how to become a Saint who changes the world around you. Not in theory but in actuality. How do we live holy in an unholy world? How do we live Catholic without compromise in our families, at our job, and in the culture around us? This talk contains practical advice and inspirational stories that challenge us to live radically for Christ and to make a difference in the world.
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  • Only One Truth (HOODIE)

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