People who are interested in an online youth retreat or a Confirmation retreat sometimes request a video sample of the talks. They wish to view some of the content to observe how it is presented along with the style. You can below.

This retreat consists of an intro, three talks and a powerful prayer service

Talk Summaries

The First Talk: this talk is about faith and helping teens to find God more in their life.

The Second Talk: is about the love of God and what Jesus did for them on the cross. It also discusses their response to that love and challenges students to live out their faith more. We also gives very practical ways of doing so.

The Third Talk: the power of Confirmation and how the Holy Spirit can strengthen them to live out their faith before and after Confirmation. It also shares inspirational stories of people who live their faith for Jesus.

Retreat Talk Preview

This is a four minute preview of the third talk on the Sacrament of Confirmation. This talk sample gives a feel for the content discussed and the speaking presentation style. Just click on the video box below to sample a part of a talk.


If you have any questions about our online retreat, please let us know. We are happy to serve you!