Online Catholic Retreats for Teens!

Online Catholic Retreat for Teens

Catholic Truth has created the very best online Catholic retreat for teens available to date. Due to the current  pandemic, we have created a solution to the problem believing that teens should continue to grow in faith and nourish it with a powerful retreat experience. Retreats are absolutely an important part of the journey!

This retreat was created specifically for Confirmation classes, church groups, and individuals who need to make up a Confirmation retreat. It was also made for any teen or young adult who would like a retreat experience and desires to grow in their faith.


This is a complete retreat experience, not just a talk and a song. From beginning to end, the whole retreat lasts three hours. This may be done in a day, a weekend, or a week or more. That is up to you. The retreat consists of an introduction and an icebreaker, three engaging talks, and a powerful prayer service. Each talk is engaging, practical, and relevant to teens, their struggles, and their questions. Each talk is accompanied by  questions to help them reflect on the message and verify that they watched the videos. The talks are as follows:

Talk 1: Forming Faith in God: Teens today are very skeptical and have many questions. This talk provides real answers, hard evidence, and will create a solid foundation of faith that our young people can build on for the rest of their lives.

Talk 2: What are We Living For? This is the story of God’s great love for us. It starts with sin and ends with salvation. It talks about how much Jesus did for us on the cross, and it offers practical ways for students to live their faith.

Talk 3: The Sacrament of Confirmation: This is a powerful talk about the Sacrament of Confirmation for people who have made the Sacrament or not. It talks about how this Sacrament can empower you to live out your faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. It also shares true, inspirational stories of people who do so in real life.

This retreat may be done in 3 hours, or it could be done over in one day or over a weekend. Watch a talk, fill out the questions, and take a break. Repeat.

Booking An Online Confirmation Retreat

If you want the very best online Confirmation retreat experience available for your group and the best replacement for an in-person retreat, then contact Catholic Truth today. Our booking manager Catherine will be happy to answer any questions you have.

The best part is that it’s a third of the cost of our in-person retreats. Once you register, we will send you a link to the videos and questions.

For more information about how this retreat works and for more specifics, please see the sign up information below the payment buttons. There are instructions on how to use this retreat, the cost, and more.

If you would like to book a retreat, see the information below. If you have any questions, please contact our booking manager at: If you have any problems signing up for the retreat, please contact us at the e-mail above or 772-400-9119.


Fr. Joseph Gill: “As our world still deals with the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis, many of our “normal” activities have shifted online. Growing in our relationship with Christ, too, has often been shifted online. How fitting it is that Catholic Truth has crafted a Confirmation retreat, entirely online! The retreat director is an excellent speaker – we have had him for our live retreats – and this online retreat does not disappoint. His dynamism, humor, and genuine faith comes through in these videos. This retreat would benefit all young people who are preparing for Confirmation, and anyone who wants to encounter the Lord.”

Deacon Steve Pond: “I whole-heartedly endorse Catholic Truth for the online Confirmation retreat or for in person. As a Catholic deacon who has worked with youth for twelve-plus years, I can state that the retreat presenter is one of the best at what he does. Bryan is a very engaging speaker. Teens can’t help but be drawn in by his energy, emotion, and excellent delivery. The talks all use real world examples that teens can relate to, and after the talks, the Prayer Service is an absolute life-changer for the youth. The can get to know god’s love in an intimate way. I highly recommend this retreat.”

Single Person Price


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    This is an online retreat for your church and your program. However, this retreat was also created for individual teens and young adults who may want a retreat experience or to grow in their faith.

    It consists of five videos. Each video has a button below it with a link leading to questions for that particular video. These questions will help teens to reflect on the message and assure you as the director that they watched and payed attention to the videos. At the end of the retreat, they will send you the questions that they filled out. It’s that simple. We have made a sheet you can send your group with all of the information.

    What to do (Important):

    1.  Sign up using the contact spaces to the left. You must add in the description section: (a) If you are group or individual (b) The number of participants (c) Your church, town, and state (d). Your title/role if applicable.

    2. *Groups of 15-100 students: The price is $450 for the whole retreat. The easiest way to pay is by clicking the LARGE PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD buttons above.

    *For Groups of 100 students of more: The price is $600 for the whole retreat. The easiest way to pay is on our website donation page. Just follow the link, click the YELLOW button, and enter the amount. To visit the page, CLICK HERE.

    *For Individuals (15 teens or less): The price is $25 per person. Simply click the small Pay Now button for as many people you have signing up.Includes all taxes and fees. For multiple people, you may also pay by making a one time PayPal payment on our website. (If you have 10 students x $25. You can make a payment for $250 instead of clicking the Pay Now button numerous times).

    3.  When you sign up and we receive the payment, we will review your information, and within 24 hours we will send you the retreat form that you can send to your students. This form contains the link to the retreat and videos along with simple directions for students to follow. **(Note: you will need to add two items to the bolded sections on the form before sending it out. 1. Your email address. 2 How long students have to finish the retreat. The retreat is almost three hours without breaks. So, you could give them a half day, one day, or even a whole weekend. That is your choice, but just let them know clearly beforehand what the deadline is. You may want to stress this in the e-mail as well.)

    5. Once you receive the form with the link, just send it to your students, and they may begin the retreat. It’s that easy. Then pray for them.

    6. The form will guide the teens, and it contains boxes to check when each section is complete.

    If you have any questions, just contact us and let us know. We are here to help! Please know that Catholic Truth is praying for you and your group that they may have a positive, fruitful, and meaningful experience.