Inspirational Stories on God’s love, mercy, and going to Confession. Some people are scared to go to confession or approach God due to fear of sin. Some have a fearful and skewed understanding of God who they see as angry or mad at you for your sin. Whether you, or someone you know, needs this message, it will help you to trust in God’s love and mercy, especially in running to Him and trusting in Him and his unconditional love and forgiveness.

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Book: Why Do You Believe in God: (Answering atheists, skeptics, and those who have deep questions of faith. Proof for God, science and religion, why does God let us suffer and more.

Book: Counterfeit Spirituality: (For Catholics: ALl about Yoga, Reiki, Astrology, Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, and more? Which are good, which are bad, and how do we know?)

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