The Catholic Church recently celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday, the glorious occasion where Catholics celebrate the immense, immeasurable, and unbelievable depths of God’s love and mercy for all mankind!

Sadly, too many people do not know the love of God. He is often viewed through the eyes of guilt, fear, regret, and anxiety.

“Relationship” with God is often a mere checklist of right and wrong and a recognition of what we failed to do.

This is the reason many Christians do not possess great joy and peace in their souls because they do not know God’s immense and unconditional love for them. They have heard about it, but it is not real for them.

Knowing God’s love in more than mere intellectualism will transform the way we approach God and think about ourselves. It will not be with fear but with faith and a burning love for His infinite goodness. This is the secret to being set free and finding peace.

How many people walk around with one or two sins that they have never confessed to God out of fear or guilt?

How many souls walk around unable to forgive themselves for something foul in their past?

How many people have allowed darkness to reign in their lives and take over their minds? This leads to depression and despair.

Divine Mercy

Are we tired of this? NOW is the time to be set free! Now is the time to seek and find forgiveness. Now is the time to cry out to God and make things right. Now is the time to receive God’s mercy. Now is the time to reject those lies that hold you captive and keep you a prisoner.

This is what Divine Mercy is all about. It is a reminder of God’s unchanging love for us, a burning love that will chase us down, consume our sins, and transform our lives if we let it.

I know women who have had multiple abortions and they fell on their knees and begged for forgiveness. Guess what? They found it, and God changed their lives. That is Divine Mercy!

I know abortion doctors who have openly admitted to killing tens of thousands of innocent babies in the womb and have sought forgiveness from Jesus. Guess what? They found it. Moreover, they have subsequently turned their lives around and work to protect the unborn. That conversion is the result of Divine Mercy!

There are drug dealers, crack addicts, Satanists, terrorists and others who are some of the most sad and evil people on the planet. Even they discovered Jesus Christ and found His Divine Mercy. They were forgiven, freed, and brought into the Kingdom of Light.

Divine Mercy does not only belong to those who sin small, but even more so to those who do not deserve it and need it most. As St. Thomas Aquinas once said, the biggest sinners have the greatest right to God’s mercy.

No Exceptions

Divine Mercy says that there is no situation, no sin, and no person who is too far gone to receive a second chance and to start over. To receive God’s mercy. What an awesome, loving God and Savior we have – one that we should celebrate with thanksgiving and praise!

For anyone who is weighed down with guilt and regret, with too many wasted years, or for anyone who is tired of carrying around a thousand pound weight on their heart every single day, it’s time to cry out to God for His mercy! It’s time to ask for a total healing, cleansing, and renewal.

For anyone who is tired of life, broken-hearted, who has been abused, rejected, or hates themselves; for anyone who feels so bad that they believe they could never be forgiven, now is the time to cry out for God’s mercy! Get on your knees and ask Him to consume all your sins, mistakes, regrets, your past, and to give you new life in Jesus who died for every sin of every person in the entire world – past, present, and future.

There is nothing Jesus desires more than to help us in our need and have a deep, abiding relationship with us.

With that being said, Jesus is not a spiritual drug pusher or a holy vending machine. Therefore, we cannot just ask for something and be on our way. God wants far more. He wants a relationship with you. He wants your heart and your commitment.

He is the key to the cage in which many people are held prisoner. He offers it freely to those who seek Him with their whole being.

His arms are open and waiting!

Perhaps you already believe this message of Divine Mercy. However, so many do not. Please share this with the world, especially with those who need God’s unconditional love and mercy!

If anyone still doubts this unbelievable love, look at a crucifix! It is the eternal sign of God’s love and mercy. It’s the proof of His love for us even when we did not deserve it! His love never fails!

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