New York opened up abortion to be virtually on demand. (We made a YouTube video covering that). Alabama smacked down abortion hard in almost every case.  Abortion! The sad debate.

Is there any good reason to support abortion or to have an abortion? The answer is no. None. In this series, we will be covering the top pro choice/pro abortion arguments and showing why abortion is wrong in every circumstance. If you have other objections, they will be answered in the following articles. (Or, if you would rather watch the whole video, click here.)

BEFORE WE BEGIN . . . we wish to note that these articles will be in a spirit of charity and humility. It is not merely about, “We are right and you are wrong; we are good, and you are evil.” No. We want to demonstrate the truth of the matter in a kind and loving way with respect for persons who may be struggling with an abortion decision, or perhaps, who have already had an abortion. You will find the first pro choice argument below…

Pro-Abortion Argument: A fetus is just a clump of cells and some tissue;

it’s not an actual human or a person.

There are a few mistakes here. First, a fetus is actually a human person. People throw the word fetus around constantly:

“A fetus doesn’t have a heart beat…”

“A fetus isn’t a person…”

“A fetus is just a clump of cells…”

And so on. The truth is that scientifically, a fetus is a baby from 8 weeks until birth. Everything before 8 weeks is known as an embryo. So when people say that a fetus isn’t alive or that a fetus does not have a heart beat or brain waves, that is all scientifically incorrect. It is a human person, and even a baby mere moments before birth is still called a fetus.

The word fetus comes from Latin and means “little one.” So this little one has its own body and body parts. Close to 12 weeks (still in the first trimester), this child even has its internal organs. Wow! So it is a fully-formed child at 12 weeks. Therefore, a fetus is a human being.

Let’s back up a bit. From the moment of conception, this “little one” has its own unique DNA – a full and complete DNA – meaning that it has its own genetic makeup and is therefore its own individual and unique life. It is also growing, meaning it is alive. So, it is a new person at the moment of conception, and it possesses everything it will need to grow to be just like you and me. It’s us… just little!

The reason why abortion is wrong is because it kills this innocent life, and to take an innocent human life is wrong. That is the bottom line of why abortion is always wrong.

Next, a “clump” is a small part of a whole. For example, if you grasp a clump of sand from the beach or rip up a clump of grass from a lawn, that is not the whole beach or the whole yard; it’s just a clump of it. Conversely, the child in the womb is not a clump, it’s a whole. It has a full DNA and everything it needs (not just some of it) to live and grow as a whole organism.

It is like a watch. Nobody says that a watch is just a clump of gears. That would be incorrect. Perhaps if a few of the gears were just laying on the ground in a small pile, but a whole watch contains all the gears it needs to make up the whole and to function.

It is the same with a little fetus and even an embryo at the moment of conception. The child has its own complete DNA and therefore has everything it needs to be a complete, unique, living individual being who works within the whole of itself. So it’s not just a clump. It’s SO much more.

Right now, my wife is pregnant. Yay!! We occasionally see ultrasounds, and guess what? We do not see a lump of cells. We see our little baby in there. We see the head, the little arms, the little feet, and even the child kicking and moving.

My wife was like, “Oh my gosh. Is it normal for her to be moving that much?” “Oh yes!” the doctor replied, “it’s perfectly normal!” So, our little baby is a human person, its own individual person, not a clump of cells. Again, this is why it is morally wrong to terminate that life.

One more pertinent point. Most women do not even discover they are pregnant until somewhere between 4 and 7 weeks – the time a baby already has a heart beat. Something struck me hard recently! I read that in a first-trimester abortion (when the majority of abortions happen), a doctor dilates the woman’s cervix and then sticks the straw up there (not the technical name) and it sucks out the baby part by part. The straw gets bigger and can expand as the baby goes through it so that it even fit the whole head.

Afterward, the doctor gathers the parts together and separates the hands, legs, and other body parts to make sure they got the whole child and that no parts were left inside the woman. I do not usually describe abortions, but I do in this case to demonstrate that people have sadly been lied to. (I will hide a picture far down below the end of this blog in case anyone wants to see a picture of what a baby, not a clump of cells, looks like after an abortion).

Many innocent young girls have been lied to, and it’s sad! They are told that a child in the womb is a clump of tissue “just being removed.” Of course, this is a lie.

Even during the 4-7 weeks when a woman first realizes that she is pregnant, the baby already has a heart beat, its own eyes, ears, tongue, blood and more. It has muscles which are developing, and arms and legs that are beginning to grow.

Toward the end of the first trimester, 12 weeks of gestation, the baby’s internal organs are fully formed. It is literally a whole person who is being aborted, or killed, and even abortion doctors know this, which is why they don’t show you the ultrasound in places like Planned Parenthood.

This is why we fight for the life of the little one in the womb. We sincerely seek to be a voice for the voiceless and to help the woman in any way she needs. We do not want her to feel that abortion is her only option. Pro-woman, pro-child. Pro life!

One may object and say, ok, even if it is a life, it’s a woman’s body, so it’s her choice. This is the objection we will answer in the next article.

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